by Lithe Lungs

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This really cool thing happened during an ANNAKARINA tour in 2014: Jonathan Lightfoot came with us on tour to do merch and we decided we wanted to do two piece screamo. We had a few practices over a couple months, wrote three songs. Ricky Petticord joined, had one practice with us, learned 3 songs, booked us a show after that first practice for the following week, then without another practice, we recorded this EP.

What resulted was a release that I'm very proud of and privileged to be a part of.



released September 4, 2015

Craig Hodgkins - Guitar and Vocals
Ricky Petticord - Guitar
Jonathan Lightfoot - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by John Paul Zitgerman & Ben Neilich @ The Sickhouse.

Huge thanks to Michael Freund for letting me consult him for lyric help and translations.



all rights reserved


Lithe Lungs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Three piece screamo out of Pittsburgh, PA.

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Track Name: OLD GHOST
Heaven's sake
We know their martyr fake
It's too late
Plenty of hours I've missed
This match won't ever burn down
Shut the blinds,
Open the door
Heaven's sake
We know their martyr is fake
Its too late
for blooming flowers
They'll write me off
And I've traded myself in
For dishpan and water
The Old Ghost of hoarding the light

Take down
A sudden decline
Fucking bleed out
Under the sun
A sudden decline
Bleed out
Let them deicide
For heaven's sake
Skyscrapers break their fall
No domain can point this out
We'll all keep this undercover
Toward the light

Eight years they held
Held me
To the same standard
That they, themselves
They shirked.
But I remembered, I surrendered
Take this body and drown it
Drown me

We'll all be granted the things we deserve
The dead will rise
Standing in judgement
I saw them in line
I smiled and winked and waved
As horror swept their gaits
When they saw what lies in wait
Fire brimstone
For them
Peace & rest for me
Forests sleep like ghosts
My lungs fail
So I lock them away
In front of you
They came to give me
Five more minutes
Scalpel, suture, make me whole again
Keep it hidden close to you

We do not matter
Ghouls control the show

Let the light swell

Forests they sleep like ghosts.
Forests they sleep like ghosts.
Track Name: SETTINGS
Withered hearts
Picket fences
I start to leave this rock
Cause we
Can only take so much
The rising light
Will not forgive the since you made
They served you well

Cold clocked
In the thicket
Where we prune this
Burning bush
Of fallacy
Fist fight
Every devil
Every second
We sleep soundly
Policies we
May be sent forth
For their flight test

Time will only tell
I will try to discern where
Winter setting in,
I'll cover myself for you
Slowly, im trading myself in

Open your hand
And lay down the tricks
Time is the cure
Your back swallowed a dagger
I made it happen
Take anything
But your love
The heartache
Cause I'm not innocent
I let you suffer
My fate